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The Resolution Foundation: Missing Out | July 2011

Why ordinary workers are experiencing growth without the gain  continue reading...

National Apprenticeship Service: Higher Apprenticeship Fund Prospectus | July 2011

New fund announced to support the growth of Higher Apprenticeships   continue reading...

Demos: Reinventing the Workplace | July 2011

Flexible work benefits business and society, but its future hangs in the balance...  continue reading...

House of Commons: Participation by 16 - 19 year olds in education and training | July 2011

Final report completes Education Committee's enquiry  continue reading...

Labour Market Statistics Published 13th July 2011 | July 2011

National and Local Labour Market Statistics for July 2011   continue reading...

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JAN 18 2012

DWP: Figures show rise in unemployment

Govt: Increase is driven by more people entering the labour market

JAN 16 2012

ONS: New LEP Local Authority Comparator Profiles

Tool for LEPs to better understand their LA areas

JAN 14 2012

Indus Delta: Contract Explorer

New tool launched by Indus Delta

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