Princes Trust: Broke, not broken

18 May 2011
Report warns thousands of young people from the UK's poorest families believe they will achieve 'few' or 'none' of their goals in life.

The 'Broke, not Broken' report, produced by The Princes Trust and The Royal Bank of Scotland Group,  found that one in four of those from deprived homes (26 per cent) believe that "few" or "none" of their career goals are achievable, compared to just seven per cent of those from affluent families.

The research, which highlights a clear aspiration gap between the UK's richest and poorest young people, shows how a quarter from poor homes (26 per cent) feel that "people like them don't succeed in life".

According to the report, based on interviews with 2,311 16-to-24-year-olds from across the UK, young people growing up in poverty are significantly less likely to imagine themselves buying a nice house or even finding a job in the future.

They are three times as likely to believe they will "end up on benefits for at least part of their life" and almost four times as likely to think they will "end up in a dead-end job" .

More than one in six of those from poor homes (16 per cent) say their family and friends have made fun of them when they talk about finding a good job.

The report also reveals how the childhood dreams of the UK's poorest youngsters start to slip away as they get older. Young people growing up in poverty are almost twice as likely as those from wealthy families to scale down their ambitions as they get older.



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